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The truth about sales training

Updated: May 31, 2020

A question I am asked all the time is, Neil, can you transform my sales team with your


Here's the truth about bringing in a sales trainer.

For about a month, maybe two months, your guys are on it. They step up, follow the new

process and maintain the new disciplines.

Then, mostly because of human nature, the team slowly slip back into doing things they way

they've always done them.

Those of you with a few miles on the clock like me will have seen this over and over. Not

long after training the prospecting stops, they take the line of least resistance again and

they cut corners.

So here's the reality. Sales is about managing process and disciplines. It's maintaining the discipline that’s hard.

We can' t realistically change the behaviors and the culture in your team in one session.

Sure, they will learn a huge amount in my training courses, but it won't be consistently put into practice without the right leader to measure and manage against the things learned.

We can set the standard but only you the employer can maintain it.

So if you' re serious about the development of a sales team, make sure your Sales Manager

is on the same course as the sales team.

Trust us, it makes the world of difference to the outcome.

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