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Improved sales

UK Business Improvement Specialists with a difference.


Improved sales performance.


Love it or hate it, Sales are a crucial element of business performance.


We evaluate your sales team structure and people, taking a microscope to processes, disciplines, communication, strategy and tactics for winning business and increasing revenue. We assess activities, your strategy for managing and retaining customers, pipeline reporting, team and individual capability and attitude.

With the benefit of third-party distance, and unencumbered by urgent sales deadlines that make internal review so difficult, we identify what is working well and where the gaps are.

And we provide proven methodology to improving performance and maximising sales.

Sales Health Check

Fortunately, we love Sales!

Sales Training

Our training is tailored to suit your specific needs. We can support everyone from director to admin, across all aspects of the sales function. Our focus, and our passion, is to help you to deliver:

  • increased sales

  • improved customer retention

  • increased turnover and profit 

  • much increased levels of activity 

  • greater productivity 

  • greater confidence 

  • improved capability 

  • improved competence

  • better communication

Sales Management

In many organisations, sales training is ordered or even delivered by sales management, and is focussed on supporting and developing their teams.

In our experience, the development and support of sales managers and sales directors is all too often neglected.

We have a strong history in supporting senior sales management…

And where needs dictate, we can provide interim sales management, working alongside you to understand your objectives and implement all the above disciplines, targets and reporting.

We can help to set sales team objectives, instigate or fine tune processes and daily disciplines, and conduct monthly sales meetings and performance reviews to drive performance. All whilst coaching and supporting individual employee’s efforts.

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