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Scared Of Your CRM, Or Embracing It!

There are two camps when it comes to a CRM. Mine and Dave Bromley's.

Camp A (Dave's):

They fear it because the CRM creates a perception of micro management and the boss is always watching. They are frightened of a CRM, never use it, or have to be badgered into doing so (you know the ones in your team). Ironically, these are the guys that wake up at 2am with their mind in overdrive worrying about what they might have forgotten to do.

Camp B (Mine):

These guys make the CRM their friend. They embrace it and use it as a tool to ensure nothing ever slips through their fingers or is forgotten. They use the CRM as their morning call to action and proactively set future tasks for ongoing client management, new prospecting and call backs.

These salespeople know where they are at any one time with prospects and can accurately forecast their sales pipeline.

I often talk about sales being about the management of processes and disciplines and you can probably guess which camp are the most successful salespeople.

Don’t be with Dave Bromley in camp A and don’t let the seven year old you drive your fears.

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