Traders Business Support Group

Hitting the nail on the head!

Whether you’re a builder, plumber, electrician or carpenter, Deliberately Different are aware that Traders don’t always get a fair deal from other networking organisations. They may get referrals, but there is a heavy price.

Many are extremely uncomfortable with public speaking and in particular the time pressures of the 45-60 second pitch. It is one off the main reasons why some don’t want to subject themselves to that ordeal.

There are no other trader friendly networking or business support groups that exclusively meet your specific needs.

No Penalties

As experienced business owners ourselves, we know just how difficult it is to run a business, so there are no penalties or exclusion for missing meetings.

You won’t have to sit on a naughty step and we don’t have a traffic light system to embarrass and shame you if you don’t have a referral or fail to bring a visitor.

So what will you get for your money?

Is there a trader who’s never always busy… we haven’t come across one!!

At Deliberately Different we will help you work on the business – not just in the business.  You will get help and support with planning, sales and marketing, cash flow and how to increase your profits.

If your objective is to grow and sell your business, our support will be structured to that objective. Equally, should your wish be a lifestyle business, we will assist in the achievement of that outcome.

  • Practical advice and guidance that is targeted at your needs.
  • Training and development that is about your business.
  • An exclusive group where you and your business are our sole interest.

In our groups there has been extensive collaborations and partnerships and we see that our Traders show also have those opportunities.

You will also be able to attend other group meetings to benefit from networking and referrals; plus you can attend the wider training and development sessions, where there will be additional networking opportunities.

 So if the above looks interesting, why not contact us and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.