We will always be committed to our Purpose of Making Networking Great for You Now

You will come out of every single meeting with something you can use and put into practice immediately, but don’t take that from us, here’s what some of our members say:

“We joined as one of the first members and Deliberately Different has enabled us to make contacts with various employers and employment links to help us achieve our objectives.   They have been very receptive to what we are trying to achieve and the insight to the private business sector has been invaluable in terms of how we now engage companies about supporting ex offenders into work.  It is early days but everything passed to me has been positive and the work done over the past months is really starting to pay off.  We are very excited about the opportunities and future benefits of this partnership.”

Lee Mountain, Deputy Governor, HMP Kirklevington

“John Doyle and Neil O’Conner bring a different dimension to the group meetings, with a straight forward/no-nonsense format which works really well.  They have a wealth of business experience, wisdom and advice which you can tap in to.  I’ve attended Deliberately Different Networking events both in Darlington and Hartlepool and have really enjoyed them.  It is one of the most beneficial groups that I’ve been to.  I have made excellent contacts with whom I am already engaged (at differing levels) which will result in business being secured or introductions which will generate other opportunities for me.

Their meetings are so much better than other networking groups because you learn so much and I don’t feel pressured into passing on referrals. It was refreshing to chat to like minded business owners in a friendly atmosphere, without anyone trying to hard sell their services. Thanks guys for creating a networking group that’s Deliberately Different and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to network”

Dave Cummings, Merchant Services North Limited

“After years of attending the same traditional networking breakfast meetings with the same old concepts, I came across Deliberately Different and different it is! I feel like networking has become exciting again as I leave each session motivated with new ideas and concepts to help improve my business. The support and training provided is exceptional and delivered with passion. I would encourage anyone wanting to make a difference to get involved with this new revolution.”

Ryan Marshall, Marshall and McCourt

“I learned more about business and my role in the first couple of months with Deliberately Different than in the four years I was with the ‘traffic light’ Network.”

Paul Evans, PASSfm

“Deliberately Different Hartlepool is a very easy going group.  Members are actively encouraged to ‘think outside the box ‘ to consider the many opportunities and possibilities within their companies.  Very friendly and most helpful.”

Charles Bond, Building Solutions UK

“I have really enjoyed being a part of Deliberately Different.

Networking has never been something I have been really comfortable with but being part of a group which is focused on helping my business as opposed to just telling me how great they are has been a revelation.

I have already had some great referrals but more important has been the support and advice given from both John and Neil along with other members of the group that is really helping to grow both me personally along with my business professionally.”

Mike Lewis, BOHO Media

“I’ve only joined Deliberately Different recently but it feels like I’ve been involved for ages, and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Everyone is warm and welcoming and it is so much more than just referrals and sixty second presentations.  It really is about working together, sharing skills and making sure we can turn referrals into business.  By far the best business networking I have ever attended and I would recommend it to everyone who is serious about winning business.

Gregg Gavin, Red Robot Systems

Pixel Media have been attending DD since early February.  The meetings are very different to the usual formats of networking.  As a business, we value networking highly and every networking group provides different aspects and opportunities. Out of all the networking opportunities that I attend, DD is by far the most powerful in 3 main aspects.

a) A real insight into your own business
b) A real insight into the businesses around the room.
I know more about the businesses in the DD room than I do about any other business within a networking group. This gives real purpose in referring others and those referring to you.
The sessions are very interactive where there is opportunity for each business present discussing other businesses.  The sessions really open up and allow for understanding of each business. 
The training that is incorporated is second to none with real professionals picking up on ways to potentially improve each business present.  Formally informal, the sessions run with a format that allows each person to be themselves and be completely honest about what they do, how they do it and ways to improve the offering.
The meetings have definitely changed certain aspects of how I do business now and have really given me confidence in areas of my own business.  I am a huge advocate for the group and their aspirations. If you need more from networking,  just go and see for yourself.  Expect to be challenged and to challenge others. The meetings are for businesses that are wanting to grow and be better at what they do.  If you are set in your ways and not open to new ideas and suggestions, the meetings may not be for you………Or it may be exactly what you need!
Ian Proctor – Pixel Media Ltd

So what you waiting for? Contact our Member Support at michelle@wearedeliberatelydifferent.com for an invitation to your nearest group, or download an application form here:  Application Form (1)

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