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Think you can whip a team into shape?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Neil, I want to become a head of sales.

Fab. Why?

I want the money, the status, the authority and the kudos. I want that title on my business card.

Interesting. How would you get the best possible performance from your team and how would you performance manage?

I'd make them do it. Tell them what they need to do and crack the whip if they don't.

And you think that will get results?

Absolutely, they need to know they will be sacked if they don't.

And how long do you think motivation driven by fear lasts?

Until they are managed out.


These people are out there, thousands of them. Managing by fear, with zero understanding of how to properly measure, manage and drive the performance of a sales team. They have zero emotional intelligence and they are a one trick pony.

The biggest blocker to your organisation's sales could be the person you put in charge.

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