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Is Executive Droop or Bad Practice Harming YourPerformance?

Here’s a scary thought. You might be de-skilling your staff without even realizing it.

It occurs when managers retain tasks and functions they like, that should be carried out by subordinates in the company. Not only does it deny opportunities for those guys to learn, but it builds frustration and the abrogation of responsibility. This principle also applies when the manager does the task for the worker, because “it’s easier and quicker”.

A brilliant example of a false economy! 

Without exception, this type of behaviour is the result of a fixed Mindset, all they can see is the negative and how that will reflect on their abilities and reputation. What’s even worse, is that they will ‘know better’ and be completely impervious to any advice or


Empower you team delegate those tasks and keep your focus on making the boat go faster!

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