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Customer Service

Before you start selling it’s important to know and understand what great customer service

looks like. That begins with knowing your customers and just how crucial it is to put them at

the forefront of your mindset and intentions.

John and I obsess with the importance of having strong and meaningful values and if your

employees are recruited with those values customer service is easy, because it’s simply

about doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

This is the mantra in our three businesses, pretty simple but absolutely essential:

  • Our customers are not dependant on us - we are absolutely dependant on them

  • Clients are not a interruption of our work - but the reason we exist

  • Customers are part of our business. They become part of our family - not outsiders

  • A customer is a person or business who gives us an opportunity to fulfil their needs and support them.

  • All customers, large and small, deserve the most courteous attention that we can give them

  • Customers are the lifeblood of our business

It’s pretty simple.

Manage expectations properly, never oversell and deliver on the basics every time.

My first ever Sales Manager was a fantastic guy and he’s called John Craig. We are still

friends. John said to me, in one of my first days in my first sales job, “Never lie to your

customers because if you do, you need a hell of a memory.”

Such great advice and something I have never forgotten.

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