An organisation driven by values

Your values reflect who you really are as a business and as people, and measure your contribution to society. They are your moral compass, and an essential that help you make decisions in the interests of your business and clients alike.

So what are our values, and why are they important to you?

Make a Difference- We all have an intrinsic desire to do something meaningful in life and even leave a legacy. As a member of Deliberately Different, you will be able make that difference as a person and in business. It’s essential not to be passive in business; by channeling your talents, advice and experience, you will benefit others and yourself. Collectively we will become a very powerful team and a force for good. Furthermore, you will learn how to identify those life changing professional and personal growth opportunities and convert them into business.

Help Others - As human beings, we have a base instinct to help. Deliberately Different provides the mechanism to make a significant contribution to our communities. In doing so, not only will you meet your Corporate Social Responsibilities, but change people’s lives for the better. By helping others you will help yourself, build your brand and benefit your business.

Live in Peace, Be Happy and Have Fun NOW! – Many rush through life and hope they will rest in peace at the end; but, how much better would life be if you could live in peace now?  With the hurly burly of everyday life, it’s easy to get swept away in the urgency of everything. You will learn how to be at peace, be happy and have fun now; which in turn will replenish your physical, mental and emotional reserves and give more purpose to life.  Your business and life is a magic carpet ride, so we want to help you stay anchored in the now to enjoy that thrill.

Join our exciting Business Support Network today and find out how together we can all be deliberately different.  There is no naughty step or traffic lights just a focus on you and your business.