Newton Aycliffe Business Support Group

Are you looking to get so much more than just networking?

Situated just outside Aycliffe Business Park, our Group meets at Woodham Golf & Country Club, Burnhill Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4PN  between 0645hrs and 0930hrs every other Wednesday.

Deliberately Different Business Support Club want to offer the business park, with more than 500 diverse and progressive employing around 10.000 employees, a networking breakfast meeting which delivers genuine referrals, that will convert into invoices.

So what can you expect?

Great energy from a vibrant, helpful and supportive group of businesses – we are always looking for great businesses and individuals who want to learn, develop their business skills and grow.

You will be coached and mentored by the best in the business.  Professionals will  ensure that your offering is not only attractive, but understandable to prospective clients. We will help you prepare plans and strategies to realise your objective and goals; plus we will be there when life throws those ‘curve balls’ and challenges to both you and your business.

Time to Think!!!

Our Managing Director Neil O’Connor, owner of Fleet Recruitment Ltd, also on Aycliffe Business Park captures that benefit fantastically:

“There are so many things I wouldn’t do again, or wish I had done earlier. Through Deliberately Different we can learn from and support each other, plug those knowledge gaps and avoid costly mistakes.”

Training and Development

How do we know what we don’t know?

It’s a difficult question, one way as mentioned above is the learn from others experience. The other is to ask for help, particularly in relation to those areas required to improve your business performance.

At Deliberately Different, we constantly search out those pinch points in business, where assistance is required. Every meeting asks for current challenges and difficulties, particularly those which impinge on your delivery or may be troublesome and keep you awake at night.

Our training and development is about you and your business, not about our profitability, and all sessions are included in your membership fee. We have a wide range of associates to deliver any learning requirement.

We have a fantastic range of associates that can cover every conceivable business need whether it is:

  • Finance
  • Cash Flow
  • Sales
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Meditation

The list goes on and on, but it’s all down to you personal and business needs. Deliberately Different will support you and your business with networking, referrals, training and development, coaching, mentoring to gain the success you deserve.

Charitable Donations 

Our profits go to help local charitable causes – yes, that’s correct – unlike other groups, we are not driven by huge profits taken from the majority to feed the minority!

Your subscriptions and assistance will make a difference to those charities in your area, and benefit directly your worthy causes. The decision on where those monies are allocated is down completely to your group.

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