Charitable Causes

Givers Give!

Great strapline, don’t you think?  You may have heard something different elsewhere?

When the founders were in the formation phase of Deliberately Different, there was a moment of synchronicity which confirmed the law of attraction. They both, unprompted during a telephone conversation, expressed a desire to ‘pay it forward’.  From that moment the decision was taken that our profits will be donated to local charitable causes.

Despite having not yet made a profit we have already made donations that have included £250 to Walking With The Wounded, £200 to the Hartlepool Foodbank, £50 to the Metro Radio Kids Christmas Presents appeal, and £30 to the CEO Sleep-out.  We have also given up our time to support Kirklevington Prison with their efforts to reduce re-offending Neil has also undertaken a charity bike ride that raised over £2,500 for the Royal British Legion.

How does that work, you’re thinking?

The profits are calculated on a quarterly basis for allocation.

There are two main avenues for those donations.

A Management Team Decision.  Based on approaches or connections with various charitable contacts around the region.

A Membership Group’s Decision. Each group will be notified of the sum available for donation, from which they will allocate the funds subject to the above criteria.  Bids can be made by any member, who will invite their nominated charity to the group to explain how and where the donation will be used.

The founders are open to similar requests, subject to the following criteria that governs our donations:

The charity must share or be aligned with our values.

The charity must demonstrate where that donation will be used and be prepared to communicate that information to us and we can publicise how DD helps local communities on this webpage.

We are committed to only support local charitable causes, who’s turnover does not exceed £250K. There may be exceptions in certain cases, but the above criteria still apply.  

Only one bid, per charitable cause, per calendar year.

We will maintain ongoing relationships to explore mutual opportunities, and members will be encouraged to become involved with those causes that actively share our values.

So do you want to Make a real Difference, Help Others, Live in Peace, Be Happy and have Fun NOW!!?

Then come and join us to change your life and business for the better!!