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Case Study

UK Business Improvement Specialists with a difference.

Where to start with praising these guys is a challenge as they have become part of the Eventura team.

It’s like asking “What does the sales, HR or risk team do for your business” DD have worked with us for a number of years and have helped us grow the business and manage the culture changes along the way. From simple translation and clarity of objectives “jam today not jam tomorrow” or “the values are where we go for the hard decisions” DD have been a fresh pair of eyes and hands that are ready, willing and able.

Our new NE region was built with support from DD in recruitment, training, onboarding and making sure the office was part of the business family with the same values and customer focused attitude.

They have worked with us on governance and policy helping communicate and engage all staff on business objectives. From risk management and sales targets to appraisals and networking events these guys have steered our journey. It’s not all words either, they have rolled up their sleeves and got into the trenches with us on tricky internal and external issues and their contribution has been top class.

As a service provider we understand the challenges that SME’s face in terms of getting the right people, process and partners. It’s all too easy to spread yourself too thin, wear too many hats and then wonder why issues are beginning to mount up. DD provides us with an extended team for the challenges that all too often “will wait until I get around to it”. We simply couldn’t afford individuals or a team with the calibre of John and Neil, instead we get to leverage their knowledge and expertise via projects that are defined and realised time and time again.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say DD is one of our most trusted partners who have helped us understand, communicate and achieve. Onsite or remote the guys are open and accessible to all staff, no nonsense and straight talking, they have told us the truth and given us some tangible support and results. We now have individual and organisational KPI’s that make sense and demonstrate where everyone is adding value, which has translated into higher customer satisfaction and revenues.

Despite the technical nature of our business and the complexity of the products and services DD haven’t been phased and have acted as the peer review or sanity check to help keep us on point. Projects like insider threat management that has improved the way we define and manage trust within the business could have been a technology driven witch hunt without the humanising efforts from the guys at DD.

DD have been pivotal in definition, articulation and achievement of our goals. We have a higher standard of staff knowledge and expertise than ever before and members of the team can openly discuss challenges without any Machiavellian bullshit.   We are fitter and healthier thanks to the DD development regime, it’s like the business is finally getting the value out of the gym membership now we have personal trainers.

Paul Birbeck
Eventura Ltd

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