Deliberately Different is a Business Support network with so much more to offer including:

High quality bespoke training and development

- to help you and your business grow, rather than our bank balance.

Coaching, mentoring and facilitation

- to get the best out of you as a person and your business

Specialised diagnostics

- that help you to determine where you are as an individual and as a business, where you need to go and how to get there

A values-centred organisation

- that ensures YOU are the main focus of attention, not us!

Dedicated problem-solving sessions

- for the difficult challenges you face. Business support meetings that are dedicated to your needs and not ours

We don't punish our members

- no naughty step, traffic light discipline or ejection for missing meetings!

More about Deliberately Different

So... do you want to be involved in something exciting that will develop you as an individual and a business, make a difference and help others?